• In this course, you will learn:

    The fundamentals of how to become a master of food photography. And I will teach you how to set yourself up for success so you can take quality food photos consistently.

  • Imagine if you could:

    Be much more confident behind the camera, know how to take great food photos in any environment, whether that is your home or a professional environment and grab people's attention with your incredible images.

What will be Involved in this Course?

How to set yourself up for success as a food photographer:

  • How to approach the course
  • Getting inspired
  • What we are going to go over
  • Not being discouraged

Cameras and lenses:

  • Camera vs Phone
  • The 5 essentials 
  • Which camera should I buy?
  • Best lenses
  • Getting started with your camera
  • JPEG & RAW

Photo planning:

  • The Importance of photo planning
  • How to effectively plan your photo

Composition and how to set up your shot effectively:

  • Freehand & Mounting
  • Building on your shot

Camera Angles:

  • How to mount overhead shots


  • Introduction to lighting
  • Natural light & artificial light
  • How to shoot with natural light effectively
  • Continuous lighting & flash lighting
  • Lighting Angles
  • Creating Soft Light